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Электробезопасность-Вятка Устройства для безопасной работы в электроустановках, тел.: 35-00-90
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1. About Company
Electrobezopasnost-Vyatka Company was established in 2000 to provide enterprises of energetics, railway, communication, industry, agriculture with a comprehensive set of protective facilities and to join its efforts with other undertakings of the line.
2. Our production
The hard-core production were designed and developed by Electrobezopasnost Science and Production Centre's engineers together with Electrobezopasnost-Vyatka Company's experts. Electrobezopasnost Science and Production Centre was established in 1995 on the base of Vyatka State University and Kirovenergo OAO. Thence we have created and introduced into production 10 product articles that help people to do their essential work visually, effectively, wasting no time and with great safety.
Our production apply on the undertaking (enterprise) RAO ES Rossiya, Gazprom RAO, RGD OAO (railway) on the considerable quantity the various industries, in private life.
3. Cooperation
Electrobezopasnost Group has a wealth of experience and potential to solve any task in the sphere of electric safety. Today we have a number of research efforts (protective facilities) that got preliminary tests at energetics plants.
You are welcome to co-operate!

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